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The Strive for 5 is a 9-week program for people who are brand new to running or are just starting out to complete their first 5K. This is a great way to get started! We ease you into running slowly with lots of walking in between. You will be led by Sandy Branch who is an ACSM certified personal trainer that has several years of running and racing experience. Your fee includes a running safety light.

Price $10 (does not include race entry)


strive for 5 plan pdf

Here are some tips to get you started:

STICK TO THE PLAN: You need to be diligent about following it. Resist

the urge to pile miles on to the plan, even if you’re feeling great. Doing too

much before your body is ready puts you at risk for getting hurt, and often

you don’t know that you’re overdoing it until it’s too late. After you make it to

the starting line, then you can add on mileage and intensity


SCHEDULE YOUR WORKOUTS: You won’t ever find time for your runs

unless you make some time for them in your schedule. Plug your workouts into

your phone, computer, daily appointment planner, on the front of your refrigerator,

and treat them as unbreakable appointments that you can’t miss. Tell family and

friends about your 5-K goal so that they can help keep you accountable during

training and cheer you on.


BUY THE RIGHT SHOES: Worn-out or ill-fitting shoes can lead to injury.

If you’re not sure whether your running shoes are in shape for 5-K training, go to

a specialty running store, like Road Runner’s in Tualatin, to get help finding the pair that offers the support and fit your feet need.