Saturday ClubWe offer free training runs, and anyone is welcome!  Running with other people not only makes the run go by quicker, but gives you a chance to meet new people.  Our friendly group runs are a good way to learn from others who have been running longer, and is helpful to keep your motivation up as you train.  Just show up!



Our running group meets every Saturday morning at 8:00 am.   We have several different pace groups to meet the needs of runners who are just starting out, as well as more advanced runners.  We meet at 215 East Main St. (formally Main St. Coffee) – Map

 “What’s really cool about the Molalla Running Club is running with some neat people. There were 6 of us who ran this course this morning and we all stayed together and visited with each other, which made the run so much more fun!”- Brett

Strive for 5

The Strive for 5 program is to help people who have never ran before or are just starting out with running to complete their first 5K. This is a great way to get started!


Favorite Routes

Molalla River corridor trail map  Molalla_trails_13r

Jon’s Favorite Route – Logging Road Route

Sandy’s School Route – 3 School Loop

Chelsea’s Favorite Route – 3 Mile Loop

Heather and Sandy’s 10k hill blaster 

Marathon training loop 20 miler

More routes in and around Molalla